Bible Royalty Summertime FUN!

Have you ever thought of taking Adventurer Awards on your next campmeeting or camping or other summer experience?

The Bible Royalty award provides a perfect example of how an award can become the framework for family summer fun.



1.  Memorize Psalm 100:4.

Check out how differently the different versions say this text.  Tunes spring easily from the NIrV and KJV versions (among others).  Your tablet device/phone probably can find BibleGateway (free), YouVersion (free), or OliveTree apps, all of which come with a king's-court full of English versions (and other languages too!)

Treasure hunt -- hide words or phrase on the bottom of rocks, limbs or other outdoor objects.  Either play an outdoor collecting game or simply have a race to rearrange the rocks, sticks, and stuff into the correct verse order!  

2.  Name 5 Bible kings. Which kings were the best rulers and why?

Did you know that only JUDAH had any GOOD kings?  All the kings of Israel are considered wicked.  Their stories are found in 1 & 2 Samuel (David and Solomon), 1 & 2 Kings/1 & 2 Chronicles (Divided Kingdom kings).  

This link or link 2  show a good timeline as well as whether the king chose to follow God or not!

This activity is a lot more fun when on a hike, especially if "swords" (sticks) can be a part of the "storyline"  


a. In the dirt or sand, list ONLY those kings who followed the Lord.  After carving their names in the dirt or sand, figure out why they were good.  Use leaves, rocks, or other natural decorations to decorate their names.  

b.  Have gold coins with kings names already on them.  parent/adult pre-hides them along the trail or area.   One all coins are in, discover more about each one from the Bible


3.  Tell the stories about 2 of the kings as the children act out the stories.

Be sure to include a "sword fight" or other action scene...just be safe!

4.  Name at least 4 queens in the Bible.  Why are these queens important.

Dress-up is possible, even on a campout.  Tent flies, table clothes, newspapers, and more create great capes or other accessories.  Shiny stones, short branches and more make the palace memorable!

5.  Write a story about queens and read it to the class.

If your Adventurers aren't writers yet, telling or inventing a story is a valid learning process.   This is a lot of fun if recycled / reused containers become part of a 3-D castle or battle site.  


6.  Make two of the following:

a.      A throne room using a shoe box
b.      Make crowns and explain what decorations mean to the king
c.      Decorate a chair for a king
d.      Make a mural of a throne room
e.      Other

If you're at a beach, sand castles are a natural idea.  If in the woods, sticks and other natural items make David's palace or Solomon's throne room look so NATURAL.  


If you're camping, this is the time to turn that lawn chair into a thrown with beach towels, colorful jackets!


Maybe the thrown room is under a picnic table, among the trees, or in a natural alcove deep in the woods!

Clovers, daisies, or other long and flexible stemmed flowers can be made into a crown.


Games include:

1-2-3-Queen (Red Light / Green Light)

One is chosen as the Queen/King/  This child stands with his back against the wall/end of camp. The other children are lined up against the opposite wall/side of camp.   The king/queen  turns to face the wall and shouts "David." The other players move quickly towards the King/Queen  but beware, as soon as the he/she turns around and shouts "Saul", they must stop and remain still. If they are not completely still, the queen/king sends them back to the starting point. The first child to reach the queen/king becomes the next royalty.


Designate one child to be "it" and have him try to "tag" the others. When he does, children become statues. Other players may rescue the players standing as statues by passing under their arms.