Bible I

Bible I

Grade 1
Updated in 1996
Requirement busy bee

    1. Own a Bible.
    2. Explain how to show respect for the Bible and how to care for it.
    3. Name the first and last books of the Bible and tell who wrote them.
    4. Tell or act out the following stories:
      1. Creation
      2. The first sin
      3. Jesus cares for me today
      4. Jesus comes again
      5. Heaven
    5. Locate, read and discuss three of the following Bible verses about Jesus’ love for you:
      1. John 3:16
      2. Psalms 91:11
      3. John 14:3
      4. Psalms 23:1
      5. Your choice
      Memorize and repeat two of them.
    6. Make masks to illustrate a Bible story or parable.
      Create a Bible story in a sandbox or with felts.


      1-2.    If possible, see that each child has his/her own Bible. Teach that nothing is ever set on a Bible and to keep the Bible  clean. Show him/her how to be careful and handle it reverently.
      3.    Help the Adventurers locate the books of Genesis and Revelation. Encourage them to locate each book in their Bible while the child tells the story of the author. Play Bible games, use felts, etc. Make this a fun learning experience.
      4.    Have the children pantomime. Adventurers enjoy play acting. Encourage them to make the story “come alive.” Keep a box of props to help in illustrating the Bible characters, such as bath robes, scarves and a cane.
      5.    Practice finding the texts in the Bible. Explain each part so the children can understand the meanings. Read together. 
      6.    Use paper plates to make animal or people masks to illustrate stories such as Daniel and the lion’s den, creation, and Garden of Eden. Act out the story of their choice.

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