Artist award

Grade 1
updated in 1996

  1. Explain who an artist is. Name Creation’s Master Artist.
  2. Name and know the primary colors.
    a.    Mix these colors to make three new colors.
    b.    Use these six colors to make a picture.
  3. Demonstrate how to sharpen pencils and clean brushes.
    a.    Sharpen two pencils.
    b.    Using water, clean your brush.
  4. Make a design with each of the following:
    a.    Finger paints
    b.    Colored pencils
    c.    Felt markers
  5. Learn an art technique and demonstrate two of the following:
    a.    Potato prints
    b.    Stencil
    c.    Papier-mache or clay model
    d.    Bread dough art
  6. Make two of the following:
    a.    An invitation
    b.    A book mark
    c.    A greeting card
    d.    A poster


  1. One who professes and practices an imaginative art. Discuss with the children what type of artist they are. Do they sing, play an instrument, draw, play act, do crafts well, etc. In different ways we are all artists.
  2. Red, yellow and blue are the primary colors. Mix red and yellow to make orange, mix yellow and blue to make green and blue and red to obtain violet.
  3. Teach how to sharpen pencils, stress cleaning brushes thoroughly and safety in handling pencils and brushes.
  4. Wear aprons when working with finger paints or felt markers. Kids may make designs of things God made and tell the day He made it.
  5. Teach children to make fun designs and to clean up after their project is completed. Craft books or your local library will have resources that will be helpful.
  6. The invitation to an Adventurer meeting, church program, etc. Make a card, bookmark or other items that may be given as a gift to an older person or shut-in.

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