Florida Super Fun Day a Fun Witness to Space Coast Fairground Attendees

For the last 10 years Florida Adventurers have bi-annually held their Super Fun Day during the Space Coast State Fair, right at the fairgrounds. The fair manager, Giles Malone, even calls toFlorida Super Fun Day with Abraham Lincoln see if it is the year we will be coming. He gives us space within the fair grounds to hold our event, charging us only for the fair tickets to attend the fair after Super Fun Day ends in the afternoon. He even allows us to have our own food booths and to have a parade through the fair grounds once the general public start arriving. We have gotten to wittiness too many with both of these. Often the fair personnel have asked about the vegetarian hot dog and hamburger choices available at our Adventurer booths. During the parade the Adventurer Clubs pull wagon floats they have made to illustrate the theme. This, along with 1000+ people walking through the fair handing our Adventurer brochures has many coming up to us later asking about the Ministry.


The theme for this year’s Super Fun Day was “Heart of a Hero”. Over 1400 Adventurers and their families, as well as more than 50 volunteers, joined together to learn about hero’s of today, yesterday and Biblical.


The morning started with a devotional thought by Florida Conference Youth Director – Pastor Pedro Perez. He used the letters from HERO to help the Adventurers remember what they can do to be a hero to others and most importantly to God.


When the opening program ended the Adventurer families were free to do all the events planned for Super Fun Day.


Under the craft tent – the fair gave us use of the huge food vendor tent for the morning -Medical CPR / AED training at SFD they could make: Abraham Lincoln’s hat with a beard mask, a doctor’s bag, a fire truck, David’s slingshot (they threw chocolate marshmallows from them), an Esther mask, hero’s of the Bible book and others.


This tent also hosted the Memory Verse Table –here Adventurers could come and say any or all of the 12 memory verses about hero’s and relying on the Lord that had been sent out as a challenge for them to learn.


The State Mission Project collection site was under the big tent too. The clubs had been busy collecting both prescription and sunglasses to donate to OneSight. By the end of the day over 500 pairs were turned in with more coming when we have our collection again in June.


In the game area they played games that hero’s throughout history might have played: marbles, jacks, hula-hoops, run the hoop and relay races.


The exhibit area stretched the entire front of the fairgrounds. In this area the Adventurer families visited with an astronaut, learned what they do and even made a comet to take home with them. They could visit with Highway Patrol personnel and watch the roll-over car exhibit where they learned about the importance of seat belts. At the nurse exhibit they learned to take blood pressures and got a coloring book about becoming a nurse. One of the busiest exhibits in the present day hero’s area was the exhibit from Health First Hospital – here the Adventurers got to learn hands only CPR and experience using an AED machine. The ladies who came to do this exhibit for us were amazing and Donna, was so impressed with the Adventurer Ministry program she invited her friends with kids to come to Super Fun Day.


In the historical hero’s exhibits the Adventurer families visited with Abraham Lincoln andFlorida Space Coast Fairground Super Fun Day heard about some of his life. They could visit with Helen Keller – where, thanks to Christian Braille sending us eye cards and Braille alphabet cards, they got to see how people with different types of blindness see and read. Another busy exhibit was the Ellen White booth, here “Ellen” told them about her life and showed them some of the books she had written. Thanks to the Ellen White Estate the Adventurer took home information pamphlets so that they could learn even more.


The Bible came alive as the Adventurers visited with some of its hero’s. They could visit Esther in her court, Mary as she told them how exciting it was to be chosen as the mother of Jesus and they could even go into prison and visit Paul.


Super Fun Day closed with a parade through the fairgrounds led by our grand marshals – the Sheriff Department. There were 19 floats pulled by the over 60 clubs attending that worked their way through the entire fairgrounds, greeting and giving Adventurer brochures to the fairgoers. The parade ended back at the grand stage for announcement of the Club float winner, and of the names of the Adventurer that had been able to say all 12-memory verses. Our North Area Associate Youth Director – Pastor Robert Hines, gave our closing thoughts and prayer.


After the prayer the Adventurer families and Clubs helped clean up the area so that we would be invited back again and then the families spent the remainder of the day riding the rides out in the fairgrounds. When we talked with Giles Malone later that day, he said he would always welcome the Adventurer Ministries back – “they are the easiest and most pleasant group I ever work with”. The man doing the sound booth for us at the stage was so impressed with the Adventurer Ministry idea he said he was going to his pastor to find out why his church did not have a program like it.


God truly blessed us with a wonderful day - beautiful weather, no serious injuries, but most of all – we were able to witness about Jesus to those who came to do exhibits for us, to the workers at the fair, to the people attending the fair and will be a hero to those who are able to see better because of all the glasses we collected. God is good.



Florida Adventurers Super Fun Day – Nov 13, 2011

Space Coast Stadium – Viera Florida

Author -- Lisa Gary