Area Induction Builds Relationships


Seven Adventurer clubs from the Washington, DC Metro area (Allegheny East Conference) came together for an area-wide Induction service on Sunday, October 14. The clubs were a fine sight as they marched into the sanctuary behind their respective banners in full Class A uniform.

Adventurers from each club led out during the service. Worship began with a rousing song service led by the Horeb Haitian Adventurer Club of Hyattsville, MD. Everyone was warmly welcomed by Davion Percy, Children's Ministry leader at host church, Dupont Park. Praise and worship continued with a special music selection by the New Life Adventurers of Gaithersburg, MD. Love in Motion, a family of dance ministers from the Breath of Life Adventurer Club of Fort Washington, MD praised God with an inspirational dance interpretation of the popular gospel song "Take Me to the King".


Thirty Adventurers, both staff and children, were inducted into their respective clubs. Soft candlelight illuminated each club's altar and the faces of inductees, parents and staff as Elder Glen Evans presented the new Adventurers to the Lord in a prayer of dedication.


"We started the area-wide Induction service as a way for the clubs to come together and form lasting relationships, and that has been achieved," said Betty Taylor, DC Metro-area Coordinator.