Bible II

Grade 4
Updated in 1996

Requirement helping_hands

1.    Earn the Bible I Award.
2.    Recite in order the books of the Old Testament.
3.    Tell or act out the following Bible stories:
a.    Noah
b.    Abraham
c.    Moses
d.    David
e.    Daniel
4.    Read or listen to a Bible story.
5.    Memorize and explain three of the following verses about living for  Jesus:
a.    Exodus 20:11-17
b.    Philipians 4:13
c.    Philipians 2:13
d.    1 John 2:1, 2
e.    Jude 24
f.    Your choice
6.    Play two games to help you remember the Bible stories.


1.    Bible II Award could be taught as part of the church school or Sabbath School Bible class.
2.    Teach with songs, games, felts, etc.
3.    Encourage creativity and learn the special Bible lessons from the stories.
4.    Make sure your children have hands-on experience using their Bibles, but also use Bible Story books, videos, and cassette tapes to teach them these stories in an interesting way.
5.    Help the children understand the meaning of the passages and how they can apply to their lives.
6.    Bible game books are available at Christian book stores as are Bible color books and felt sets.

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