Country Fun

Country fun

Grade 4
new in 2003

1.    Pick a country you want to study.
2.    On a world map find the location of the country and identify what coninent it is on.
3.    Find, draw or trace a map and flag of your country.
4.    Learn six facts about the country, such as those suggested below.
a.    Draw or find a picture of the native dress
b.    Learn a Sabbath or secular song.
c.    Listen to the national anthem.
d.    Learn to play a Sabbath or secular game.
e.    Name the main religion(s).
f.    Collect a stamp, postcard or coin.
g.    Read or listen to a legend, myth or story.
5.    Make a simple craft or food from the country.
6.    Read in the Bible how languages originated at the tower of Babel.
(Genesis 11:1-19).

1.    Use local church members,
library or website for information. Recommended book and website are listed below. You may wish to make a country scrapbook.

Around the World Crafts, Games and Activities for Children Ministry by Jane Choun. Flags, information and anthems. link to flags of the world. Mythology and folklore (nine countries).
Information on countries and flags among many other topies.

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