Picture Book

Picture Book

Grade 4
new in 2005

1.         Make a picture book of at least 6 pages.
2.         All pages must have some form of decoration on it.
3.         Describe each picture in the book.
4.         Memorize Joel 1:3 and discuss the meaning.
5.         Share your picture book with others and explain why you picked these pictures. Did sharing your book help you understand Joel 1:3?

Purpose of award:
Building memories, developing appreciation for family or learning more about a specific subject.

Curriculum Connection:

Helping Hand, My Family, I.


1.         Create a family picture book or chose any subject, object or theme as the basis for your book. Include photos, magazine pictures and/or drawings. 
2.         Use a variety of materials to decorate the book. Such as: colored or printed paper, stickers, punch-outs, decorative scissors, buttons, foam cut-outs, embellishments, beads, etc.
3.         A short description of the picture.
4.       May choose different Bible versions, such as, KJV, NKJV, Clear Work, etc.
5.         Share your book with family, club,   school or with friends.

Websites, books, library.

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