My Church

My Church

Grade 4
New in 2007

1.         Understand the meaning and memorize  I Corinthians 3:16 and learn the song “Lord, Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary.”
2.         Know the name of your church, and write the address.  As a club, draw a mural with the church in the center and include each Adventurer’s house in relation to your church, naming all roads and streets as a map to the church.
3.         Who is your pastor and what is his/her        responsibility?  Ask the following questions.
a.      Why did you decide to become a  pastor?
b.      At what age did you decide to become a pastor?
c.      Was there something that happened in your life that caused you to want to be a pastor?
d.      Can I be a pastor, if God calls me?
e.      How can I prepare for a life to serve God?
f.      How can I be a minister right now?
4.         Draw the floor plan of your church. If your church has the following, label them on your map. 
a.      Sanctuary
b.      Church Office
c.      Your Sabbath School Room
d.      Fellowship Hall
e.      Restrooms
f.      Adventurer Room
g.      Community Service Room
5.         What is a church board and what is its function?
6.         Name 10 members on the church board. What position(s) do they hold?
7.         Explain how you can help God in your church every week starting this week?

To understand the many roles of church members in the function of the church.

The SDA Church Manual
The Nominating Committee’s Report
The Pastor

1.         Exodus 25:8
2.         Parents help their children.
3.         Make a list of questions for your pastor prior to arrival. Examples are listed.
4.         Leader, give the Adventurers a tour of the church. Then have the Adventurers act as tour guides to the different rooms or areas of the church. Next ask the Adventurers to label a pre-drawn map of the church inserting the different rooms into the correct localities.
5.         Invite the Pastor and board members to model a board meeting during an Adventurer club meeting. Optional – role-play a board meeting using a child-friendly agenda. Ask the Adventurers to pretend to be adults sitting as active members on a board. Optional – have a staff meeting so the Adventurers may see all that goes into getting a meeting ready for them. (Suggestion: On the Adventurer Sabbath, say “Thank you for guiding our church.”)
6.         Discuss work done, type of personality and experience needed for each position. Help the Adventurers choose different people for interviewing. Create a list of questions together and use them while interviewing. Think about the following:
a.      Talk about each position and               explain each roll and the
service given to God. (Most             church positions are volunteer)
b.      What position would each child             prefer most? And why?
c.      Discuss with the children how to         prepare for a life of service
dedicated to God. Discuss what             kind of education would help
each child prepare for their
favorite job.
7.         a.    Children help the teacher by leaving each room neat and orderly after Sabbath school.
b.    Never leave stray items, paper, bulletins, hymnals, Bibles, or  other items out of place in the _____ Sanctuary as you leave the church service. 
c.     Be helpful and cheerful to_______ everyone you meet at church.

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