Conference Directors

The following is a listing of Adventurer contact people for each region in the North American Division. If you are aware of any corrections that should be made to this listing, please contact us by phone or e-mail

Alaska Conference
David Prest

Alberta Conference

Allegheny East Conference
Frank Weedon

Allegheny West Conference
Peggy Lambert

Arizona Conference
Annette Stevens

Carol Pearson

Arkansas-Louisiana Conference

Atlantic Union Conference
Luc Homicile

Bermuda Conference
Lynette Harvey

British Columbia Conference

Canadian Union Conference

Carolina Conference
Stanley Knight

Central California Conference
Dan Kittle

Central States Conference
Gil Webb

Chesapeake Conference
Cheryl Smith

Dakota Conference
Anne Wham

Florida Conference
Cheeko Cotta

Lisa Gary

GA-Cumberland Conference
John Swafford

Greater New York Conference
Ismael Maisonette

Gulf States Conference
Beatrice Hill

Hawaii Conference
Kellie Sanchez

Idaho Conference
Eve Rusk

Illinois Conference
Barbara Gomoll

Indiana Conference

Iowa-Missouri Conference

Kansas-Nebraska Conference
Tammy Heinrich

Kentucky-Tennessee Conference

Lake Region Conference
Diane Baker

Lake Union
Walter Wright

Manitoba-Sask Conference
Gwen Bader

Maritime Conference
Celest Corkum

Michigan Conference
Terry Dodge

Mid-America Union Conference
Van G. Hurst, Church Ministries Director

Minnesota Conference
Art Meyer

Montana Conference
Larry Unterseher

Mountain View Conference
Jane Murphy

Nevada-Utah Conference
Don Krpalek

New Jersey
Carl Rodriguez

Doris Klopping

New York Conference
Dan Whitlow

Newfoundland Conference
David Jamieson

North American Division
James Black
Cloveth Smith

North Pacific Union
Alphonso McCarthy

Northeastern Conference
Newton Cleghorne

Northern California Conference
Alice Merrill

Northern New England
Marilyn Schroer

Ontario Conference
Velma Morgan

Oregon Conference Sherri Uhrig

Pacific Union
Rich DuBose, SDA PlusLine

Pennsylvania Conference
Pamela Scheib

Potomac Conference
Sherilyn O'Ffill 

Quebec Conference
Daniel Latchman 

Rocky Mountain Conference
Pete Braman

Carla Wakefield

South Atlantic Conference
Darryl Howard

South Central Conference
Lorenzo Shepherd

Esther Austin

South Atlantic Conference
Ernestine Lockett

Southeastern CA Conference
Ruth Walker

Southern California Conference
Bob Wong

Southern New England
Bob Saunders

Southern Union
Allan Williamson

Southwest Region Conference
Gael Murray

Southwestern Union
Margaret Taglavore

Texas Conference
Pearline Sickler

Texico Conference
Sylvia Gallardo

Upper Columbia Conference
Wayne Hicks

Cheryll Wallace (Head Coordinator)

Washington Conference
Elizabeth Lake

Wisconsin Conference
Mike Edge